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Prime Ready Mix exceeded all my expectations! Their concrete delivery service was prompt, the quality of the mix was outstanding, and their team was incredibly professional. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of reliable concrete services.

Grant S. Barrett

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Donna C. Weis

I've been using Prime Ready Mix for all my concrete needs, and they never disappoint. Their team is reliable, their concrete is high-quality, and their customer service is exceptional. I highly recommend Prime Ready Mix to anyone in need of reliable concrete services.

Patricia W. Cook

Our Ready Mix Concrete Services Process

Our Toronto Ready Mix Concrete Services Process is designed to ensure a seamless and reliable experience for our customers, from initial consultation to project completion. We take pride in delivering high-quality concrete that meets the unique demands of your construction project.

Initial consultation

Our process begins with an initial consultation where we discuss your specific concrete needs. This includes the type of project, required strength, and volume of concrete, as well as any special requirements.

Site visit and assessment

After the consultation, our team conducts a thorough site visit to assess the project location. This step helps us understand any logistical challenges, access points, and environmental considerations.

Custom Mix Design

Based on the project requirements and site assessment, our experts create a custom mix design. This ensures that the concrete meets the specific needs of your project, including factors like durability, strength, and workability.

Order placement

Once the mix design is finalized, you can place an order for the ready mix concrete. Our customer service team will assist you in determining the right quantity for your project.

Batching and Mixing

On the scheduled delivery date, our state-of-the-art batching plant precisely combines the raw materials according to the custom mix design. This process ensures the consistent quality and strength of the concrete.


The freshly mixed concrete is loaded onto our specialized transit mixers equipped with rotating drums to prevent segregation during transportation.

Prompt delivery

We prioritize punctuality and ensure that the ready mix concrete is delivered to your project site on time. Our drivers are trained to handle various site conditions safely.

Pouring and Placement

Upon arrival, our experienced team coordinates with your construction crew to efficiently pour and place the concrete. We pay close attention to proper leveling and finishing.